James Desmond

Project Gutenberg Unwrapper

What this does:

Project Gutenberg is an online library of free eBooks.

These eBooks are able to be downloaded in many formats, in .txt format the books are formatted to wrap at around 80 char.

The script unwraps those needless wraps and returns the properly formatted version.

The algorithm for this script is based on how this lifehacker post explains to do this process manually.

The idea for this script came from wanting to send public domain books through Corrlinks. Project Gutenberg’s wrapping made sending emails with Corrlinks 100 line limit difficult. Using this tool War and Peace goes from taking 484 emails to send, to only taking 251 emails.

Just enter the text you would like to fix below, click OK, and the copy the output. Refresh the page to reload the script.

Perfomance note:

I wrote this tool using Brython, performance is best on Chrome, please use Chrome for this tool.

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