James Desmond

seeclickfix Organization IDs for Open311 api implementation

Here is a listing of all organization IDs for the seeclickfix Open311 api.

I wanted to access the Open311 api endpoint for Cambridge, MA. When I read the linked above documentation I noticed I need an “organization id”.

I did not find any other listing online of these organization ids. I tried to view the network calls being made on the front end of seeclickfix here. But was not successful. So instead I wrote a small script to get every single organization id:

import requests
import json
output = {}
for i in range(0,10000):
    resp = requests.get(f'https://seeclickfix.com/open311/v2/{i}/requests.json').json()
    if len(resp) > 0:
        except KeyError as err:
            output[i] = resp[0]['agency_responsible']

I am hosting the output of this script here if you want to find an org id.