James Desmond

How I screenshare a subsection of a 3400x1440 ultrawide monitor as a 1080p virtual webcam in Microsoft Teams

Situation: you are in a meeting, sharing your screen. You use a ultrawide monitor, everyone else on your team uses laptops. You share your entire window and everyone needs to bring out the magnifying glasses. Teams will let you share just a single application, but that is not enough for most screensharing use cases. You want multiple applications to be shared, and just a 1080p sized frame to be shared from your monitor. This guide will accomplish just that.


  • Running on Mac (written for 11.4)
  • Using Microsoft Teams.app
  • Homebrew is installed and you have sudo on the machine

Installing OBS

  • brew install obs -y

Configure OBS

  • Open OBS
  • Click the + under Sources, Select Display Capture, click OK
  • Select Settings>Video . Make base and output resolution 1080p
  • Get preview window where you want it
  • Right click preview > Windowed projector

In a Teams call

  • Select a window to share > select Windowed projector